New school buildings transform to many different uses
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There are many financially and functionally significant projects going on in both renovation and new building of the schools in Lappeenranta. Tilakeskus is involved in building new learning environments.


The new school in Lauritsala, which will hold about 800 students, will open in the beginning of the 2022 spring semester. This project will be implemented with the life cycle model; the producer of the service is responsible for the building project and for the maintenance of the property for the next 20 years. The quote for the project is 19,7 million Euros.


An ongoing renovation is taking place at the old Kesämäenrinne school, which was built in 1958. The quote for this project is 10,9 million Euros. Schoolwork will begin in the newly renovated school in the fall of 2021.


They are also building a new school in Joutseno. It will be completed next spring, and it will start operating in the beginning of the next fall semester. The quote for this project is 20,7 million Euros.

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The school in Sammonlahti, which will have approximately 640 students, will assemble previously separately operated units under the same roof. At the Sammontalo they have incorporated early childhood and pre-school education as well as the library-, youth-, and recreational services.


Functional and effective 

The common denominator for the projects under construction is conversion flexibility. Functionality and efficiency, and also modern house- and information technology solutions are highlighted in the new building and renovation projects. You can divide or combine the classrooms, cafeteria or recreational areas by moving walls according to need and situation. The spaces also often serve as youth-, and recreational areas, and as for versatile evening events.